DJ Marek Szotkowski

DJ Marek Szotkowski

Marek has been the DJ at milongas and other public events since 2001.


Tango DJ Marek


His first experiences were while hosting his own milongas in Milwaukee, USA. After moving to Paris, France in 2006, the milonga and festival organisers quickly recognized his ability to create a great mood for dancing, inviting him to DJ at the popular milongas: “Le Chantier”, “Cabaret Tango”, “Retro”, “Les Temps du Tango”, “Bahia Blanca” among others. In 2009, Marek won the “Best DJ in Paris” award at Bahia Blanca and was DJ at the 1st “Festival International De Tango Argentin”.


Currently, Marek DJ’s every month at our La Milonga Conexion in Guildford. Since moving to the UK in 2009, he continues to be recognised for his style and is often invited as guest DJ in London at milongas: “Carablanca”, “Pavadita”, “The Light”, “Tango South London”, at special events such as “Fire and Flame Ball”, and at milongas further afield: Oxford “Caminito”, Eton “Etonathon”, Maidenhead “Tango Secrets”, Marlborough “Midsummer Milonga”, Burley and Bramshaw.


Over the years, Marek has collected a library of recordings. At the milongas, he plays traditional tango music from the Golden Age – the 1920-50s period when tango music was composed and played for dancing. He loves listening to tango music in his spare time, and spends many hours thinking about how to arrange songs into tandas to make them enjoyable and interesting for every dancer.


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