Guided Practicas

Guided Practicas

We offer a number of specialised guided practice sessions, or practicas, in our studio in Shepperton, Surrey.


Milongas and Practicas at Dance Conexion


What does ‘Guided’ mean?

‘Guided’ means that you are practicing under our supervision. That way, you will not go on the wrong track and form bad habits.



Check our Calendar.



Entry is £10 per person per practica. Places are limited so be sure to confirm your attendance in advance, via the event or simply Contact Us.


Guided Practica for Couples

Usually held every last Sunday of the month. This practica is offered to only 6 couples, so you’ll get plenty of tips from Marek that you can work on. Monthly topic with exercises for better connection, musicality, variations and dynamics followed by practice time. Please register as a couple.


Guided Practica for Men

Usually held every first Sunday of the month, please check our Calendar. Since its origins, men have been practicing tango with each other. This tradition is reviving and for good reason – to be an excellent leader you have to feel the lead from the follower’s perspective. Marek invites you to join him for this men-only practica to explore and uncover the secrets to becoming an exceptional leader.