Tango Workshops

Tango Workshops

This is an intensive series of tango workshops (2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday) over one weekend.


Dance Conexion Academy in Guildford, London, UK


About the Workshops

Generally, we offer Mini Boot Camps several times a year for a maximum of 4 couples. We will place strong emphasis on technique and show you a series of exercises that we routinely practice ourselves. We will repeat these exercises until you can execute them to the best of your ability. By working in front of the mirrors and following our example, you will become more aware of your body and be able to make auto-corrections. You will also receive our personalised attention.



Each workshop will be followed by a practice session, where we will be available to give any additional help and review any learning points. We will video record the beginning and the end of the weekend session, so you can monitor your progress.



Shepperton, Surrey. See any Mini Bootcamp event for full details.

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£60 per person (£120 per couple)



For the next scheduled workshop weekend, please check our Tango Calendar.


Workshop Daily Schedule

11:00 Workshop
12:00 Practice
12:15 Break
12:30 Workshop
13:30 Practice
14:00 End



You need to sign up as a couple. Places are limited, therefore, we require full payment in advance. Payment is non-refundable in case of cancelation, however, you may find a replacement for yourself.